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LuNation Alpha

The new science fiction Das neue Science - Fiction strategy game.

New unit graphics

We are currently reworking some of our unit graphics. We started with the Mechwarrior and hope you like the new version.

New character graphics

There are now 12 more character portraits to choose from.

existing players received the opportunity to adapt their appearance once for free.

LuNation Alpha

Conquer the first human outpost. Build your own moonbase

Click HERE to go directly to the Open Beta

Click HERE to read the latest information about LuNation Alpha in the LuNation Forum

LuNation is also playable within Facebook.


Rocks`n Boulders

Rocks`n Boulder - The new mind game.

Help Commander Rick collecting valuable Gems and lead him through dangerous dungeons of a long-forgotten culture.

Create your own levels and share them with your friends.